5 Traditional Sympathy Flowers

Traditional Sympathy Flowers

Traditional Sympathy Flowers

Sending roses to a recently lost family member or friend is a powerful way to express sympathy. In addition to expressing sympathy, sympathetic flowers can also be used to honor the deceased and to brighten the miserable environment. Today, many roses are sent to express condolences, but there are a few flowers that are generally associated with condolence, misery, confession, and funeral services. These flowers make more sense than others to get rid of unfavorable relatives because they give important movement. Below is part of the traditional sympathetic flowers.


Lilies are generally associated with funerals and compassion. According to ancient Christian accounts, flowers represent a restoration. In the language of flowers, spotless lilies represent the retreating soul. Also, white star lilies mean sympathy and that is why it is the most logical decision for a person who has lost a friend or family member.


Carnations are also known as sympathetic flowers. Nails come in different types that have different effects. For example, red carnations represent respect, pink carnations mean appreciation, and white carnations mean virtue. So a bouquet of carnations of various varieties will be a reasonable decision for this event. In addition to being sent to express sympathy, carnations are also used to make wreaths that are displayed at funerals because of their thick flowers.


Chrysanthemum themes are often remembered for the decorative designs of memorial service departments in Asian and European countries. White chrysanthemums represent transience, misery, and misery. Therefore, they are used only for funeral services. They are often combined with roses and carnations in decorative designs.


Also, roses are remembered for the flowering plans of compassion. Like nails, they also have different types that have different effects. They are suitable in appearance and therefore acceptable to charge for families who have experienced the departure of a friend or family member. A bouquet containing roses of different types can really convey the friendship of the spring.


Gladiolus are used occasionally in Compassion Blossom plans. The fuselage is a role model in traditional memory service departments. Gladiolus means honesty, moral honesty and strength of character, and are therefore suitable as compassionate flowers.

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